Wedding Band Etiquette: What If the Band Gets Drunk?

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It really shouldn’t be necessary, but we promise we will not get drunk at your wedding.

As a matter of fact, our DJs won’t consume alcohol at all at your event.

If anyone should be getting drunk at your wedding it should be you. And your best friend. And uncle Steve cuz it helps him dance “better”…

But what happens when entertainers take liberties with the drinks?

Weddings are a great opportunity to let loose and have a few drinks with your nearest and dearest. But what if the people tossing them back aren’t guests at all, but your wedding band? They’re the only vendor that regularly has a clause in their contract or rider that allows them to have a few alcoholic beverages, and thankfully most of them know where to draw the line between “really getting rocking” and “forgetting the words.” Here’s our expert advice for handling a band that has had a few too many. Follow the link to see more!